Cross-Currency Swap

Hedge against currency and interest rate exposure

Cross-Currency Swap

Hedge against currency and interest rate exposure

At a Glance
Hedge against both currency and interest rate exposures with DBS Cross-Currency Swap.

Interest rate certainty

This is an agreement between two parties to swap future interest payments, based on a principal amount in one currency for an equivalent amount in another currency.

Features & Benefits

Enjoy competitive pricing due to our market leader position and extensive network


Stay informed of the latest market developments with insights from more than 100 DBS research analysts in Asia

Leverage the knowledge of our dedicated SME advisory sales team to identify and hedge against interest rate volatility


Conduct sophisticated cross-border transactions smoothly and efficiently with strategic advice from our regional advisory sales network

How it Works

You can choose to pay in a different currency on either a fixed or floating rate.

How can an interest rate ‘swing’ affect my company?

Clients who financed their operations with a floating-rate loan will see an increase in their expenses should floating rates rise. For example, USD LIBOR actually rose to a high of 5.725% in 2007.

How does DBS update SME customers on current interest rates and market trends?

Our Market Trend Outlook provides you with the latest market trends, updates and interest rates.

How competitive is the pricing of DBS’ interest rate products compared with other banks?

Pricing depends on tenure, loan amount and market conditions. However, being one of the leading banks in Asia, DBS is perfectly placed to help deliver the best possible pricing available to you.

How to Apply

Call us on 400 821 8881 or visit any of our Branches for more details. You may also email us and arrange our Relationship Manager to call you.