DBS DigiDocs

Digital solution for your cross-border payments and collections

DBS DigiDocs

Digital solution for your cross-border payments and collections

At a Glance
A digital solution fully digitizes and automates cross-border payments and collections.


  • End-to-end payment and collection process is entirely digital and straight-through
  • Integrate online application, document uploading, online FX booking and remittances set up


  • Real-time processing and intelligent document validation powered by DBS RAPID
  • Eliminate costs, time and risks for the dispatch of physical documents to the bank
  • Faster payments and collections with improved efficiency


  • Digital experience means no more paper submissions required
  • Track your payments in 24/7 and in real-time with SWIFT gpi
How it Works

Cross-border Payments for Importers

You can submit your payment instructions and supporting documents digitally to DBS. Upon real-time validation of your documents, outward remittance under Goods Trade is made to your overseas beneficiary.

Cross-border Collections for Exporters

Upon receipt of notifications for incoming payments, you input the Balance of Payment (BOP) information and Inward Telegraphic Transfer (ITT) declaration for inward remittance via DBS IDEAL to receive immediate credit into your account.

How to Apply

Call us on 400 821 8881 or visit any of our Branches for more details. You may also email us and arrange our Relationship Manager to call you.

Who is eligible to apply for DBS DigiDocs?

The goods traded should be classified as Category A of Goods Trade. The company must hold a certified business license for 2 years and above, and a good compliance and credit record for foreign currency settlement with DBS.

How can I apply for this service?

Please contact your Relationship Manager or call our BusinessCare hotline 400 821 8881 to initiate your application. (You need to activate DBS IDEAL access before sign up for DBS DigiDocs.)

Do you support notifications by email or SMS?

Yes, we support both email and SMS notification. You can set up your preference on DBS IDEAL.