Payroll Service

Cost-effective way to pay your employees

Payroll Service

Cost-effective way to pay your employees

At a Glance
DBS Payroll Service takes the hassle out of payday every month.

Save time

Your employees will get paid promptly every month through our automated transaction payroll system


Save money

Simply submit your payment files through DBS IDEAL without withdrawing cash or issuing cheques


Simple reconciliation

Daily transaction reports and simple account reconciliation processes

Features & Benefits

Improve your cash flow

Ensure your employees get paid quickly with timely transaction processing


Private and Confidential

Your company's payroll is consolidated into one debit transaction, with access to payroll granted to designated users


Greater convenience

Create multiple transactions in one file


Protect against fraud

Secure hashing and encryption features

How to Apply

Call us on 400 821 8881 or visit any of our Branches for more details. You may also email us and arrange our Relationship Manager to call you.

Why should I pay my employees via DBS Payroll Service?

DBS Payroll Service offers a secure and convenient way to pay your employees. You don’t have to carry large amounts of cash or issue cheques on payday. Enjoy preferential benefits such as extended cut-off times when you pay to DBS account holders.

I am currently using another bank for payroll service and I import my payment files into their Internet banking platform. Will the system change if I switch to DBS?

The formats for payment files used by DBS IDEAL are supported by most payroll and account payables systems used by other banks, so it is unlikely there will be any changes in the system if you switch to DBS.

Can I make changes if I spot an error after submitting the payroll?

For security reasons, DBS does not allow you to make amendments to payment instructions once they have been filed and submitted. However, you can stop payment and make alternative arrangements to pay your employee. Otherwise, you can submit a new file with the correct details.

Is there a fee for using Payroll Service?

Yes, please refer to our pricing guide.