DBS digibank CN Frequently Asked Questions and Guideline

Get Started with DBS digibank

Q1: Which mobile device do I need to get started with DBS digibank CN?

All you need is any Apple iPhone with iOS 13.0 or higher, or an Android device running Android 9.0 or higher.

Simply search for “DBS digibank CN” from Apple App Store or scan following QR code to download the App.

Q2: What do I need to register for DBS digibank CN?

All DBS China individual customers who are at least 18 years old can register DBS digibank CN as following:

  • Use a valid mobile phone number registered in the Bank, and
  • Pass one of the following identity verifications:
    1. Facial Recognition (only applicable to customers who opened DBS account with PRC ID)
    2. DBS China Debit Card and PIN
    3. Email OTP received in the email address registered in the Bank
Q3: Can I use my existing DBS iBanking login credentials to access DBS digibank CN?

For existing iBanking Transaction Mode Customers

Simply use your existing DBS iBanking username and password to log in to DBS digibank CN.

For existing iBanking Inquiry Mode Customers

You shall register for DBS digibank CN first to use the service.

Q4: What shall I do if I forget my DBS digibank CN username or existing iBanking username?

You can retrieve your username via DBS digibank CN. Please click “Forgot Username" on the login page to retrieve username.

Q5: What shall I do if I forget my DBS digibank CN Login Password or existing iBanking Login Password?

You can reset your password via DBS digibank CN. Please click “Forgot Login Password" on the login page to reset it.

Q6: Error “No internet connection” pops up when I login DBS digibank, while other applications in my device function well. What shall I do?

Please check wireless data of DBS digibank in your device “Settings”, to make sure WLAN and/or Mobile Data enabled.

Q7: I cannot login DBS digibank while I am pretty sure my login credentials and device settings are correct. What shall I do?

Please make sure version 4.3.0 or above of DBS digibank installed. Service of previous versions are not available. You can redownload the latest version in Apple App Store/Baidu App Gallery(百度手机助手)or DBS China public website.

Q8: I cannot get SMS OTP for verification in digibank, what shall I do?

It is suggested to follow tips as below:

  • Check whether you are using a mobile phone number which is registered in the Bank to receive SMS OTP for DBS digibank CN
  • Check if your mobile phone is out of network coverage. Please ensure international roaming service is activated when you are overseas.
  • There may be some service delays or interruptions by your mobile service providers. Please try again later.
  • Check whether any software installed in your phone may block your SMS
  • SMS inbox of your phone may be full. You may need to delete some SMS from your phone inbox before new incoming SMS can be received.
  • Check whether your SMS OTP is in junk SMS inbox. If so, please add DBS number into your phone whitelist to avoid SMS OTP being junk again.
  • You can setup Transaction PIN thus SMS OTP verification will be replaced by Transaction PIN authentication

If you still cannot receive SMS OTP, please call DBS hotline at 400 820 8988 for help.

Q9: Why I cannot use digibank in my new device?

Service may not be available if DBS digibank migrated from your previous device. Please uninstall the application and redownload the latest version in Apple App Store/ Baidu App Gallery(百度手机助手)or DBS China public website.

Q10: I am facing other issues with my DBS digibank CN, what shall I do?

Please ensure that you have updated your DBS digibank CN to the latest version on App Store/App Gallery.

You may refer to below troubleshooting tips:

  • Uninstall DBS digibank CN app
  • Restart phone and ensure Android or iOS is running on latest version
  • Re-install DBS digibank CN app

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact your relationship manager or call DBS hotline at 400 820 8988.

Q11: How can I switch from A+ Version to Full Version in digibank?

Please toggle off as shown in the screen. If no toggle off function on homepage, please reach out your relationship manager for help.

Peek Balance

Q1: What is Peek Balance?

Once Peek Balance is enabled, you are able to take a quick view on available balance and latest transaction of the saving account you selected without logging in.

Q2: I don’t need Peek Balance service, can I opt out from it?

Yes, you have a choice to toggle off “Peek Balance” anytime. Please click “More”-“Peek Balance” after you login digibank, and set up by following the page prompts.

Without performing this setup, Peek Balance will be default as “Toggle Off” status.

Face ID or Touch ID Login

Q1: Can I login DBS digibank CN with Face ID?

Yes. You can enable Face ID on iPhone X or later by following approaches:

  • Enable Face ID after you log in to DBS digibank CN, under “Face ID” in “More” tab
  • Also, you need to allow using Face ID for DBS digibank CN in your iOS Settings

For other mobile phones which support Touch ID, you can enable Touch ID to login DBS digibank CN with similar settings.

Q2: Can I continue to use Face or Touch ID login when I switch to new mobile phone?

No, it is required to reset in your new device to enable Face or Touch ID login.

Q3: Can I opt out from Face or Touch ID login?

If you have not performed the one-time setup on your mobile phone to enable Face or Touch ID login, you can continue using your username and password to log in to DBS digibank CN.

If you have enabled Face or Touch ID, please click “More”- “Face ID” or “ Touch ID” after you log in to digibank, and disable it by following page prompts.

Local Fund Transfer

Q1: When can I get funds transferred from DBS digibank CN?
  • 7x24 supported for transfer within accounts of DBS China
  • Transfer to other banks:
    1. Transfer submitted during working hours, which is Monday to Friday (Holiday excluded) from 8:00 to 16:00, will be processed in real time, while the fund actual arrival time depends on recipient’s bank
    2. Transfer submitted during non-working hours, will be processed in next period of working hours
Q2: Is there any daily limit of local fund transfer in DBS digibank CN?

You can login DBS digibank CN view and change your transfer limits . If you need to increase your CAP allowed by the Bank, please visit any DBS China branch or contact your relationship manager for details.

Q3: Which information of recipient I can select or input when transferring from other bank to DBS?

Both DBS debit card number and DBS account number can be used as recipient’s account number.

Please select “星展银行” as recipient’s bank. If you don’t find DBS in the bank list, please contact that bank for help.

Transaction PIN and Digital Ce

Q1: What is Transaction PIN and Digital Certificate?

The digital certificate uses a secure encryption algorithm to protect your transaction. You can download digital certificate and setup 6 digits Transaction PIN in your phone for DBS digibank CN transaction authentication.

Q2:Do I need to keep DBS physical Secure Device issued for internet banking?

No. Transaction PIN as well as it’s digital certificate will take the role to facilitate transactions which require a higher level of authentication.

Q3: Can I use original Transaction PIN if I changed mobile phone?

A digital certificate is for one person in one mobile only. Therefore, you can download the digital certificate in the new mobile phone and then original Transaction PIN can be used in new device. The digital certification in old mobile phone will be automatically become invalid once you complete redownloading.

Q4: What shall I do if I lost my mobile phone?

Please call DBS Hotline 4008208988 immediately to apply for digital certificate revocation, or you can download the digital certificate in the new mobile phone thus your previous digital certification in lost mobile phone will automatically become invalid.

Q5: Can I use DBS digibank CN without downloading digital certificate in my mobile phone?

You can authenticate via SMS One-Time-Password for transactions which do not require a higher level of authentications.

It’s recommended that you use digital certificate and transaction PIN. Once you have completed digital certificate download and transaction PIN setup, all medium risk rated transactions shall by default be authenticated by Transaction PIN as well.

If you delete DBS digibank CN app, revoke the digital certificate or change a mobile phone, please redownload the digital certificate. The original Transaction PIN can be continually used.

Q6: Can I use Transaction PIN if I have more than one mobile phones?

The digital certificate can be only downloaded and installed in one mobile phone. The original digital certificate will become invalid in old mobile phone once you complete redownloading in new mobile phone.

Q7: Can my family mates use my phone to perform transactions by their own digital certificate and transaction PIN?

Only one digital certificate can be installed in one mobile phone. If there is valid digital certificate in the mobile phone, others cannot download another digital certificate in the same mobile phone.

Third-party Payment

Q1: How can I bind DBS debit card through Third-party Payment?

DBS debit card supports a variety of popular third-party services including WeChat Pay, Alipay, UnionPay, and JD Pay. 


DBS debit card binding should be operated through relevant Third-party Payment application(like WeChat App, Alipay App, UnionPay App and JD App). 

Q2: How can I set transaction limit of third-party payment?

You can login DBS digibank CN to view and set your limits of third-party payment. Please click “More” – “Debit Card Management” –“Limit and other security management”, set the amount under “Online Payment Limit” and complete the transaction verification by following the page prompts.

Suspend or Cancel DBS digibank

Q1: Suspend DBS digibank CN

If you want to suspend DBS digibank CN, please visit our branch or call DBS hotline at 400 820 8988.  Service can be resumed later as per your application.

Q2: Cancel DBS digibank CN

If you want to cancel DBS digibank CN, please visit our branch or call DBS hotline at 400 820 8988.  If you‘d like to re-open DBS digibank CN service,  you need to complete online registration in the app.