Life Insurance

Whole Life Plan

This plan allows for a “savings” element. Pass on the survivor benefits to your family, and leave a lasting financial foundation for your loved ones

  • Short-term payments in return for life-long protection (usually up to 100 years of age)
  • Leverage on a secure financial instrument, like insurance, to ensure your assets are safely passed on
  • Flexibility in matching term life insurance, adjusting the amount insured based on your needs at different life stages


  • A foundation to protect your family’s finances, allowing them to maintain their lifestyle
  • Survivor benefits are tax free for beneficiaries, allowing safe and complete inheritance of assets
  • Effectively and legitimately mitigates debt repayment risks
  • High assurance amount

For more information

We partner selected insurance companies to provide an array of whole life plans for you.Our professional Relationship Managers and Financial Planners across the DBS branch network can tailor solutions to your financial needs.

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How to Apply

  • Contact your Treasures Relationship Manager or visit any of our branches
  • Call our DBS 24-hour personal banking hotline at 400 820 8988

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