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Allow us to help you manage risk and preserve your family’s wealth and hard-earned success.

  • DBS Legacy Plan is a safe and balanced long-term wealth management plan designed to pass on your success and wealth
  • Uses insurance as a legitimate method to protect your assets, including but not limited to the segregation of family assets from company assets and legitimately reducing your tax liabilities

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Zhi Zhen Jin Sheng Non-Par Whole Life with Protection

  • Get guaranteed lifetime protection for you and your family, and broaden the horizons for the next generation.

Hong Yue Xing Long-term Non-Par Annuity

  • Secure lifelong sustainable annuity payments, leading to your dream lifestyle upon retirement.

Hong Ying Ren Sheng Superior Par Endowment

  • Participating endowment product with increasing sum assured and dividend to age 105, meeting goals in life or suiting lifestyle needs.


Safe and reliable risk management, allowing you to enjoy a premium worry-free lifestyle


Secure your wealth with high asset protection thresholds


Safely pass on your own assets in a comprehensive manner by minimizing the tax burden


Customize your annuity payment mechanism and efficiently distribute your assets according to your will


How to Apply

Contact me A Relationship Manager will reach out to you
Visit Branch Visit any of our branches

Call our DBS 24-hour personal banking hotline at 400 820 8988

For more information

We partner a selected group of top insurance companies for more options and the best available legacy planning. Our professional Relationship Managers and Financial Planners across the DBS branch network can provide tailored solutions according to your needs.

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