Capital Preservation

At a Glance

Easily build reserves to create a better life for the future

  • Help you build and grow your wealth to protect yourself and your family even in the face of market turmoil.
  • Scientific planning helps you protect your financial security and resist longevity risks.

Related Products

Hong Xing Xin Long Non-Par Short-term Endowment

  • Provide customers with guaranteed maturity benefit and death protection to fulfil customers' short-term needs that best suit goal of life.

Xi Yue Yan Nian Non-Par Pension Annuity

  • Guaranteed pension annuity with customized payout age, improving the quality of your retirement life

Heng Ai Jin Sheng Par Whole Life with Protection

  • Par whole life product with high protection, providing guaranteed lifetime protection with reversionary bonus to fulfill legacy purpose.

Zhi Ai Jin Sheng Non-Par Whole Life with increasing SA

  • Non-Par whole life protection with increasing sum assured, providing lifetime protection for saving and legacy planning.

Hong Ying Ren Sheng Diamond Par Whole Life with increasing SA

  • Participating whole life product with increasing sum assured to provide lifetime protection for saving and legacy planning.

Hong Ying Nian Nian Annuity Plan

  • Provide guaranteed annuity benefit with flexible policy term to fulfill yourself and your family needs.


No matter what kind of people, no matter what stage of life, insurance product could effectively build and grow your wealth.


Resist the erosion of inflation and achieve wealth preservation and accumulation.


Resist longevity risks to ensure quality of life in old age. 

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We partner a selected group of top insurance companies for more options and the best available legacy planning. Our professional Relationship Managers and Financial Planners across the DBS branch network can provide tailored solutions according to your needs.

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