Supply Chain Finance

Free up your working capital

Supply Chain Finance

Free up your working capital

At a Glance
Supply Chain Finance (SCF) helps free up cash trapped in supply chain process for both suppliers and buyers. DBS offers SCF programs for client’s Procurement (Supplier Finance) and Sales (Buyer Finance).

Programme based solution

Enabling a continual flow of liquidity access for both suppliers and buyers



Seamless onboarding process minimises hassle and reduces turnaround time

Paperless Processing

Automated processing reduces paper transactions

Features & Benefits
Pre-shipment Supplier Finance Post-Shipment Supplier Finance Buyer Finance
As a supplier, you enjoy:
- Ability to obtain financing to fulfil a Purchase Order
- Finance up to 70% of the Purchase Order value
- Competitive interest rates
As a supplier, you enjoy:
- Early payment up to 100% of the approved payment instructions
- Competitive early payment charges
- No recourse or additional security required
As a buyer, you enjoy:
- Improved working capital & steady liquidity
- Dedicated facility for purchases with Anchor Seller
- Competitive interest rates
How it Works

Supplier Finance for you as a Supplier
Through a Buyer-led Supplier Finance programme, DBS will provide an early payment to you based on confirmed invoices by your Buyer. Here’s how it works:

  1. As a supplier, you deliver the goods and invoice to your buyer.
  2. Your buyer sends us the invoice listing.
  3. We provide you with early payment.
  4. We collect payment from your buyer on the invoice due date.

Buyer Finance for you as a Buyer
Through a Seller-led programme, DBS will help you to finance your purchase from your Seller. Here’s how it works:

  1. Your seller sells goods and invoices to you.
  2. You submit copies of your invoices on or before invoice due date.
  3. We pay your seller on your behalf.
  4. You repay us on financing due date.

How to Apply

Call us on 400 821 8881 or visit any of our Branches for more details. You may also email us and arrange our Relationship Manager to call you.

What sales / purchases qualify for this financing?

Trade transactions must be on open account terms and occur on a recurring basis. One-off sales or purchases do not qualify.

How will Supply Chain Finance affect my process?

Payment patterns and processes differ between companies. However, our product specialists tailor the programme to suit existing invoicing and payment processes. There is minimal change to your underlying transactions.

What do I do if I have interest in this?

SCF structures are led by a corporate client, known as an anchor. As such, we approach suppliers and distributors only when we have negotiated an agreement with a suitable anchor.Please call us at 400 821 8881for more information.