IDEAL digital token+

Safeguard your funds by using cutting-edge security technology

IDEAL digital token+

Safeguard your funds by using cutting-edge security technology

At a Glance
With the new DBS IDEAL digital token+, there is no need to carry your physical token with you, whether you’re banking with your mobile on-the-go or on your desktop.

Security on the Go

No physical tokens and SMS*, so you can bank wherever you are. Forget OTPs, just tap and swipe to verify.


Enhanced Security

Secure 2FA biometric authentication via fingerprint or facial recognition.


State of the Art

High flexibility on the customised security mechanism. You can setup multiple signatory groups and approval matrix to fit to your daily operations.

*SMS OTP will still apply if you are using physical token or older digital token version.
Features & Benefits

DBS IDEAL digital token+

Using your smartphone’s biometric authentication like fingerprint or face recognition, you can easily login to DBS IDEAL and approve important transactions securely.


2FA with DBS IDEAL digital token+

2 Factor Authentication (FA) is implemented to offer you enhanced protection. It serves as an additional security layer to access online banking services via biometric authentication.


Company authorisation policy setup

DBS IDEAL provides flexibility to set up your company’s transaction authorisation policy with different levels of control. You can designate different controls based on the transaction amount and type of services.

  • Single or multiple levels of authorisations
  • Different combination of authoriser groups
  • Sequential or parallel approval from different authoriser groups
Security Tips
As a DBS IDEAL user, you play an important role in securing your banking transactions. Check out the following tips for protecting yourself whenever you use online banking.

Credentials Protection

  • Do not disclose or share User ID, PIN, OTP, Token PIN over the phone or via email with others.
  • Use passwords that are different from other online services such as email or shopping sites.

Fraud Protection

  • Verify payment details before authorising payments in IDEAL.
  • Do not respond to suspicious call, email, or SMS that request you to provide your account credentials to perform transactions.

Malware Attack Protection

  • Do not click on links from emails or install any programs from doubtful origins.
  • Do not transact online on devices or computers that you suspect are compromised.
How to Apply

Call us on 400 821 8881 or visit any of our Branches for more details. You may also email us and arrange our Relationship Manager to call you.

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IDEAL user

Download DBS IDEAL Mobile for your first-time login and enjoy the convenience of DBS IDEAL digital token+.

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What is DBS IDEAL digital token+?

DBS IDEAL digital token+ is an authentication solution that allows easy and secure access to DBS IDEAL. It eliminates the need to carry a physical token by converting your smartphone into a token.
Upon the successful installation of the digital token+ on your phone, all you need is a swipe to authenticate for login and transaction authorization. Using DBS IDEAL Mobile on your digital token-enabled device leverages the device’s biometric recognition technology, and lets you bank seamlessly, even when you are on-the-go!

Why do I need the security device (DBS IDEAL digital token+)?

With online fraud becoming increasingly sophisticated, a more stringent online security system is needed to combat potential cybercrimes. With the implementation of 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), should your user ID and PIN be compromised, the "fraudster" will need to have your personal security token to be able to access your DBS IDEAL account. This makes the process far more difficult for fraudsters.

What do I need to do to get DBS IDEAL digital token+?

DBS IDEAL digital token+ is available to all DBS IDEAL users. You can simply download the latest version of the DBS IDEAL Mobile app and login with your credentials and login PIN.

If you have not logged in to DBS IDEAL before, please log in to DBS IDEAL Mobile and use the email and SMS OTP provided to activate your DBS IDEAL digital token+.

What are the prerequisites for DBS IDEAL digital token+?

DBS IDEAL Mobile and digital token can only be installed on non-jailbroken / non-rooted phones for your protection.

For verification purposes, you will also require a valid e-mail address and mobile number registered with DBS.

How do I use DBS IDEAL digital token+?

The digital token can be used in 2 modes:

  1. Stand-alone token: You can use the digital token as a replacement of the physical token. In other words, use it as a smartphone app to swipe and authenticate for DBS IDEAL desktop login and also for transaction approval.
  2. Integrated token: When you use the DBS IDEAL Mobile app on a smart device on which the digital token is installed, you can enjoy a seamless experience where the token ensures security without prompting for unnecessary inputs.
Is the DBS IDEAL digital token+ secure?

Yes, the technology used for digital token+ has been thoroughly tested. For added security, the token is protected by biometric authentication or a 6-digit token PIN on devices which do not support fingerprint or facial recognition. DBS IDEAL digital token+ is also restricted to only one device at a time. This means that if you install the digital token on another device, the token on the original device gets deactivated.

While the digital token is secure, please make sure that you do not disclose your login credentials to others as a good security practice.

What if I forget the Token PIN for my DBS IDEAL digital token+?

Simply delete and re-install the DBS IDEAL Mobile app. You can reinstall the DBS IDEAL digital token+ by using Email and SMS OTP verification.

What should I do if I lose my phone?

If you lose your phone, you should deactivate the existing digital token. This is done by downloading and installing DBS IDEAL Mobile App on a new device and activating the digital token on it. Your previous digital token will automatically be deactivated. You can now only use the digital token on the new device.

You can be assured that your DBS IDEAL account is still fully secured as your digital token is secured by a Token PIN. In addition, your DBS IDEAL login credentials are required before you are able to access your internet banking account.

Do call our BusinessCare hotline if you require any further assistance.

Can I install DBS IDEAL digital token+ on multiple devices?

No. The digital token can only be installed on 1 device at any time.

What do I do when I have a new device?

Install DBS IDEAL Mobile App on your new device and login with your credentials. You will be prompted to initiate a transfer of digital token from your old device to the new device. Simply follow the instructions on the screen.

Your digital token on the old device will be deactivated upon the successful transfer to the new device.

What should I do if my employee is resigning?

His/her DBS IDEAL access should be terminated. You can utilise the DBS IDEAL Customer Self-Administration module in DBS IDEAL desktop or submit the maintenance form for the termination. You can ask for your employee’s user id to be suspended first while your maintenance request is being processed.

During the interim, you should ensure that your employee does the following:

  1. Delete the DBS IDEAL Mobile app in their device
  2. Ensure that the employee no longer has access to both the registered email and mobile device to prevent re-installation
What devices support DBS IDEAL digital token+?

DBS IDEAL digital token+ can be used on either smartphones or tablets for both iOS and Android. The most recent iOS and Android versions will be supported.

What authorization limits are in place over transactions initiated via DBS IDEAL?

You can set up your authorization matrix according to the account opening process or otherwise, depending on your requirement, however this requires approval from your signatories as appointed in the Board of Resolution.

Is there a segregation of duties between the maker and authorizer?

DBS IDEAL allows the configuration of user access rights and privileges in two categories:

  1. Single access: Where the maker can authorize his/her own transactions. This is applicable for small companies where IDEAL is operated by just one person.
  2. User segregation: Where there is a segregation of duties between makers and authorizers.
Can the authorizer approve transactions when he is out of the office or overseas?

DBS IDEAL is accessible from anywhere, if an internet connection is available. Authorizers can login to DBS IDEAL on mobile or desktop to approve transactions (apart from Trade approval).

How do you ensure the highest level of security for DBS IDEAL users?

DBS deploys the following security mechanisms on DBS IDEAL:

  1. Automatic Logout Feature DBS IDEAL will automatically end the session when you are inactive for 10 minutes or more. You will need to login again if you wish to continue to access to the service. A reminder will pop up when you have 2 minutes remaining, before the system ends the session.
  2. Constant and Vigilant Monitoring We’ve put security surveillance systems in place to constantly monitor and detect any potentially illegitimate activities on our network and systems. In addition, to ensure the effectiveness of our safety measures, DBS conducts regular security reviews and audits performed both by internal and external auditors.
  3. 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) We use 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) to verify the identity of anyone trying to access your account. The two factors involved are the DBS IDEAL credentials and the security token.
  4. User access and authorization matrix The following configurations on DBS IDEAL have been established based on the instruction provided by you during onboarding. You can change this setting via the online Customer Self-Administration or submitting the paper maintenance form.
    1. User access
    2. Authorization matrix
How many invalid login attempts can I make before my user account is locked?

The User ID will be locked after 5 invalid login attempts, and the digital token or security device will be locked after 5 invalid attempts to enter the token PIN into the mobile or security device.

What should I do if my user account or token is locked?

If you forget your User ID or PIN and your account or token is locked, you can click on “Forgot Login PIN / Unlock Account” in the IDEAL login page. Alternatively, your company’s designated DBS IDEAL Administrator will be able to unlock your account or device for you (via the Customer Self-Administration module).