Fund the growth of your business with a wide range of financing solutions tailored to your needs

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DBS BusinessCare: 400 821 8881

Working Capital

Find innovative ways to fund your growth with our working capital solutions

Accounts Payable Financing

Accounts Payable FinancingIncrease your turnaround time with customised financing and build your business

Accounts Receivable Purchase

Accounts Receivable PurchaseUnlock cash from your receivables

Bank Acceptance Draft (BAD) Issuance

Bank Acceptance Draft (BAD) IssuanceImprove your working capital by deferring payments

Bank Acceptance Draft (BAD) Discount

Bank Acceptance Draft (BAD) DiscountBuild your business with improved turnaround time and fast access to funds

Inventory Financing

Inventory FinancingOptimise inventory capital consumption and speed up working capital turnaround