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Services and Complaints for Institutional Clients

Consumer Complaint Center

  • All branches of our bank have complaint handling officers, dedicated to accept and deal with client complaints

Complaint Handling Process

  • We will contact clients within 5 working days after receiving the complaint and inform the client of the acceptance of the complaint.
  • In principle, we will give a further reply to the client within 15 days after receiving the complaint and inform the client of the investigation result and the solution.
  • If the complaint is particularly complex or there are other special circumstances, we will extend the response time to a maximum of 60 days upon notification to the client.
  • Complaints that have not been finally resolved by the complaint handling department after investigation, will be reported to the complaint management department of our head office. Complaint management department of our head office shall coordinate with relevant departments to carry out investigation and provide solutions until the consultation with clients is completed to resolve complaints.

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