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Onshore Unit Trust, Asset Management Plan and QDII Product – Overseas Fund Series, helps you on the wealth accumulation and risk  diversification.

What is a fund?

A fund is also known as a unit trust or mutual fund. Such a fund pools together the resources from individual investors and is managed by professional fund managers. Investors can choose from an array of funds which invests in equities, bonds, currencies and derivatives, etc.

Benefits of a fund

Asset allocation & risk diversification

Your investments can be spread across a multitude of sectors, in different countries, and at various risk levels.

Capturing global investment opportunities

A fund allows you to invest in both local and overseas markets to enhance return potential.

Professional management

Experienced fund managers monitor the markets closely and help you grasp investment opportunities

Invest • Wise Fund Service

DBS Bank (China) Ltd (DBS Bank) has powered up the invest  Wise fund service jointly with Morningstar, an international fund research authority, helping you to grasp the global investment opportunity.

  • Fund Analytical Tools: Fund Analytical Tools that feature fund NAV inquiry, fund trends inquiry, fund comparison and portfolio analysis functions.

Flexible investment options to help starting your wealth-building plan

DBS China provides you the flexible investment options. You can lump-sum the onshore unit trust, asset management plan and QDII product-Overseas Fund series.

Onshore Unit Trust (Distributed by DBS China)

Investment Method*Minimum Investment Amount
Lump SumRMB 20,000
USD 3,000

Asset Management Plan (Distributed by DBS China)

Investment Method*Minimum Investment AmountProduct CategoryCustomer Type
Lump SumRMB 1,000,000Privately offered productOnly offered to Qualified Investors. “Qualified investor” means a natural person which has the corresponding risk identification ability and risk tolerance, invests in a single wealth management product of not less than a certain amount and meets the following conditions: The natural person has two years or more investment experience, and the financial net assets of the family are not less than three million yuan, or the financial assets of the family are not less than five million yuan, or the annual average income of the person is not less than 400,000 yuan in the last three years.

QDII Product – Overseas Fund Series (Launched by DBS China)

Investment Method*Minimum Investment Amount
Lump Sum

P1/P2:RMB 100,000 or equivalent

P3/ P4:RMB 100,000 or equivalent

P5:RMB 200,000 or equivalent

*DBS China Limited does not offer unit trust regular investment plan service at this juncture

Quality funds at your choice

Onshore Unit Trust (Distributed by DBS China)

Product NameProduct TypeProduct Risk Level
南方优选价值混合型证券投资基金Mixed FundP4
南方现金增利基金Money Market FundP1
长盛成长价值混合基金Mixed FundP4
长盛添利宝货币市场基金Money Market FundP1
长盛电子信息产业基金Mixed FundP4
长盛量化红利混合基金Mixed FundP5
长盛创新先锋混合基金Mixed FundP4
长盛高端装备制造灵活配置混合型证券投资基金Mixed FundP5
长盛航天海工装备灵活配置混合型证券投资基金Mixed FundP4
长盛中证100指数证券投资基金Equity FundP4
摩根新兴动力混合型证券投资基金Mixed FundP5
摩根内需动力混合型证券投资基金Mixed FundP5
摩根行业轮动混合型证券投资基金Mixed FundP5
摩根成长先锋混合型证券投资基金Mixed FundP5
摩根健康品质生活混合型证券投资基金Mixed FundP4
摩根货币市场基金Money Market FundP1
摩根双息平衡混合型证券投资基金Mixed FundP4
摩根核心优选混合型证券投资基金Mixed FundP4
摩根亚洲总收益债券基金(暂停申购及转入)Bond FundP3
摩根太平洋证券基金Equity FundP4
摩根亚洲股息基金Equity FundP4
摩根国际债券基金(暂停申购及转入)Bond FundP2
摩根亚洲增长基金Equity FundP4
汇丰亚洲债券基金Bond FundP2
汇丰亚洲高收益债券基金Bond FundP3
景顺长城精选蓝筹混合型证券投资基金Mixed FundP4
景顺长城策略精选灵活配置混合基金Mixed FundP4
景顺长城货币市场基金Money Market FundP1
景顺长城品质投资混合型证券投资基金Mixed FundP4
景顺长城核心竞争力基金Mixed FundP4
景顺长城沪深300指数增强型基金Equity FundP4
景顺长城景颐双利债券型证券投资基金-A类Bond FundP3
景顺长城能源基建混合型证券投资基金Mixed FundP4
宏利价值优化型成长类行业混合型证券投资基金Mixed FundP4
宏利首选企业股票型证券投资基金Equity FundP4
宏利红利先锋混合型证券投资基金Mixed FundP4
宏利货币市场基金Money Market FundP1
汇添富民营活力混合型证券投资基金Mixed FundP5
汇添富价值精选混合型证券投资基金Mixed FundP4
汇添富货币市场基金Money Market FundP1
汇添富移动互联股票型证券投资基金Equity FundP5
汇添富社会责任混合型证券投资基金Mixed FundP5
汇添富蓝筹稳健混合型证券投资基金Mixed FundP4
汇添富策略回报混合型证券投资基金Mixed FundP4
中邮战略新兴产业混合型证券投资基金Mixed FundP5
中邮货币市场基金Money Market FundP1
中邮核心优势灵活配置混合型证券投资基金Mixed FundP5
博时裕富沪深300指数证券投资基金Equity FundP4
博时信用债券投资基金Bond FundP3
博时特许价值混合型证券投资基金Mixed FundP4
博时信用债纯债债券型证券投资基金Bond FundP3
博时现金收益证券投资基金Money Market FundP1
博时现金宝货币市场基金Money Market FundP1
华夏回报混合型证券投资基金Mixed FundP4
华夏兴华混合型证券投资基金Mixed FundP4
施罗德亚洲高息股债基金Mixed FundP3
中银中高等级债券型证券投资基金Bond FundP3
中银国有企业债债券型证券投资基金Bond FundP3
中银信用增利债券型证券投资基金Bond FundP3
中银活期宝货币市场基金Money Market FundP1
中银收益混合型证券投资基金A类Mixed FundP4
中银行业优选灵活配置混合型证券投资基金A类Mixed FundP4
宏利集利债券型证券投资基金Bond FundP3
华宝现金宝货币市场基金Money Market FundP1
华宝中债1-3年国开行债券指数证券投资基金Bond FundP2
华宝宝康债券投资基金Bond FundP3
华宝可转债债券型证券投资基金Bond FundP4
长盛安鑫中短债债券型证券投资基金Bond FundP3
华宝标普美国品质消费股票指数证券投资基金(LOF)Equity FundP4
博时标普500交易型开放式指数证券投资基金联接基金Equity FundP4
博时中高等级信用债债券型证券投资基金Bond FundP3

QDII Product – Overseas Fund Series (Launched by DBS China)

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Onshore UT Publication

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Risk Disclosure:

  1. Wealth Management Products are not deposit and have investment risks, and customers should be cautious in making any investment!
  2. Onshore UT and Asset Management Plan are 3rd party products, while QDII product – Overseas Fund Series is designed by DBS China
  3. Onshore UT, Asset Management Plan and QDII product – Overseas Fund Series are non-principal protected investment product with floating return and there is no guarantee on the principal or return amount. You may suffer a significant loss of the principal due to market fluctuations. In the worst case scenario, investors may suffer a total loss of the Principal Amount. Investors should fully understand the investment risks involved and be cautious in making any investment.
  4. Asset Management Plan is privately offered products. Onshore UT and QDII product are publicly offered products.


  1. Nothing here shall constitute a suggestion or recommendation to any products or to enter into any trade. DBS China does not act as an adviser or assume any responsibility for any use of the contents.
  2. The content here does not have regard to the specific investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any specific person. The products have investment risks, investors should carefully read the investment product sales documents prior to making any investment decision, and seek appropriate professional advice regarding your personal needs.
  3. Morningstar Associates, LLC, a registered investment advisor registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Morningstar, Inc., provides consulting services to DBS Bank (China) Limited ("DBS"). Any references to specific securities are for informational purposes only and therefore should not be considered a recommendation to buy or sell a security.
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