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The QDII product invests in offshore structured notes that track the performance of some basic financial instruments, e.g. REITs, ETF. You can potentially receive investment returns from the Notes by taking a view of the underlying financial instrument.


Opportunity to invest in offshore markets.


Track the performance of offshore underlying equities.


QDII Products To know more information about DBS Structured Notes

Risk Disclosure

This is a DBS QDII Product. Product Risk Rating is P3-P5.

  • The Product is high risk rated. Investment principal is not protected and return is not guaranteed. Customer may suffer a significant loss due to market fluctuations. The worst scenario, customer may loss all of the investment principal.
  • Risk of this product includes but not limited to: Exchange rate risk – if subscription currency and offshore product investment currency are different, exchange rate fluctuations will expose investors to foreign exchange gains or losses.
  • Customers cannot enjoy any rights in respect of the offshore product and underlying equity.

How to Apply

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Call our DBS 24-hour personal banking hotline at 400 820 8988

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Note: Wealth management products are not deposits and have investment risks, and customers should be cautious in making any investment.

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