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Equity Linked Notes – Convertible Notes(Basic Series)

Equity Linked Notes – Convertible Notes(Basic Series) (Risk Level P4/P5) is a QDII product, which invests in overseas structure notes.

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You are positive in US, Europe market, but don't know the suitable investment channel?

  • Only 500K RMB investment amount, DBS could offer you the tailor-made QDII product service*.
  • Multi overseas market underlying could be chosen, including HK, US, Europe and Australia market etc.
  • Pre-determine the strike price of the underlying equity, comparing with the strike price to get cash return or convert to another offshore note which directly track the performance of underlying.

* You could subscribe the product only if your customer risk profile meet DBS requirement.

The product initially invests in the overseas structure notes - "Note A", whose performance is linked to an underlying equity, in valuation date, if closing price of underlying equity is equal to or higher than the strike price, cash settle will applied, customer could get principal and the agreed return; If closing price of underlying equity is below the strike price, the product will be converted to another offshore notes - "Note B" according to the strike price. Note B will directly track the underlying equity's performance, the price fluctuation of the underlying equity will directly affect the value of Note B and further impact the product's value.


Equity Linked Notes


  • Tailor made each transaction
    Customer to decide the underlying equity, investment tenor and strike price according to his/her own needs
  • Multiple currencies choices
    RMB could be used to invest in overseas markets indirectly; Currency of Underlying equities' local security market could also be used to invest
  • Invest in overseas markets
    Track overseas underlying equity's performance, provide channel to participate in overseas market

Product risk disclosure:

  • The product is not principal protected and there is no guarantee on the return either. On the valuation date, if underlying equity's closing price is below the pre-agreed strike price, the product will be converted to invest in Note B. In such case, as the underlying equity's closing price is lower than the strike price, the market value of Note B will be lower than its face value (the face value is calculated by the strike price), and thus the market value of the product will suffer loss. According to decline percentage as closing price relative to the strike price, the loss may be substantial. The product is a high risk product, in the worst case scenario, you may suffer a loss of all the principal amount.
  • Exchange risk. If customer uses RMB to subscribe the product, he/she may suffer extra loss due to exchange rate fluctuation.
  • For more detailed risk disclosure, please refer to the relevant product documents.

How to Apply

  • Contact your Treasures Relationship Manager or visit any of our branches
  • Call our DBS 24-hour personal banking hotline at 400 820 8988

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Note: Wealth management products are not deposits and have investment risks, and customers should be cautious in making any investment.

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