Other Deposit Services

At a glance

DBS provides several other deposit services like the Certificate of Assets, Certificate of Balance and the minor accounts.

Certificate of Assets

DBS understands your international travel needs, and provides the help you need to obtain visas for immigration, overseas study and travel. Calling on our professionalism and status as the best bank in Asia, we can provide you with a highly reputable certificate of assets that helps your family set sail soonest.


  • Choose from Chinese or English versions for your certificate of assets
  • Can provide account freezing services based on the specific requirements from the respective consulates
  • Free for DBS Treasures clients

Certificate of Balance

You’re busy. We understand that. We know you may require your certificate of balance for a specific purpose such as for loan applications, etc. We can tailor your outstanding balance certificate at specified intervals.


  • Choose from Chinese or English versions for your certificate of balance
  • Convenient service without need to freeze your deposits
  • Free for DBS Treasures clients

Minor accounts

DBS provides a comprehensive range of accounts to meet your family needs. We have especially set up accounts for family members under 18. Choose from two types of Minor accounts:

Account types

Minor Trust account

Minor Non-Trust account

Account holder/s

[Account holder] (statutory agent[statutory agent name])

Minor account holder's name

Account holder's age

Younger than 18 years old

10 years and above to 18 years old

Account operator

Minor account holder's statutory agent

Minor account holder

Available account types

RMB personal settlement account, RMB personal time deposit account, Foreign currency personal savings account, Foreign currency personal time deposit account

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