The following privilege is available for Treasures customers of DBS Bank (China):

1. Open accounts, deposit, transfer money one-stop service

  • Book your time to Open AUD / NZD account
  • Offer competitive AUD & NZD deposit rate
  • Provide deposit certificate for free
  • Free TT Remittance to AU & NZ(ANZ Bank)
  • Speedy remittance while T+1 to AU & NZ(ANZ Bank)

2. VIP privilege for pre-departure body check

Australia and New Zealand immigration designated medical hospital:Privilege Content:
  • Beijing United Family Hospital
  • Shanghai UMP Healthcare
  • Hangzhou Milord Health
  • Guangzhou Omega Medical
  • Shenzhen IME Centre
  • Medical examination green fast pass
  • T+1 day to upload medical examination results

3. Free Australia and New Zealand telephone card:

  • Australian phone card needs to be activated 1-2 weeks before departure.
  • After arrived New Zealand, insert your phone card, dial 200 then you can activate your phone card by setting a 4-digit password according to the voice prompt

Offers are subject to terms and conditions.


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