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We offer professional free policy review service, to help you live a safe journey!

Already be flooded by an awful a lot of insurance policies? 
Are you really aware of what you have bought & what is the coverage these policies provide? 
Been overwhelmed by the immense terms of contract terminologies such as liability exclusion, free-look period, grace period, reinstatement period, etc.?

DBS as your dedicated private financial service provide, boasts a team of professionals to offer you free insurance policy review, so that you can have a clearer picture of your own family wealth situation.


3 steps for policy review:

  • Step 1: What-you-got: which type of insurance you have? What’s the premium amount to be paid? What’s the amount already paid? When is the annual premium due date to keep your policy valid?
  • Step 2: What-for (Why): Who’s the policy holder/insured/beneficiary of each policy? What’s the function of each role?
  • Step 3: Gap/Duplication check: do the policies properly serve the purpose as you wanted? Is coverage comprehensive? Is there any gap or duplication in coverage based on your desire financial plan?

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