Invest Your Wealth

At DBS, expert advice, insights and innovative solutions come together to optimise your investment needs. We will help you access our wide range of products to achieve your investment goals.

Generate Income

Focuses on yield enhancement and income-generating financial instruments

FX(DBS designed products)

Premium Investments

Premium InvestmentsA structured investment linked to an underlying currency (Risk Level P3). Wider variety of payoff such as Knock In and Knock Out Premium Investments are now available.

Funds(including DBS designed offshore-UT 3rd party onshore-UT and 3rd party Asset Management Plan)

Fixed Income Funds

Fixed Income FundsFixed income funds provide access to a diverse range of debt instruments. These funds invest in instruments managed by fund professionals and invest in instruments such as bonds, loans and asset-backed securities.

Balanced Funds

Balanced FundsA hybrid instrument combining equity and fixed income investments in a single mutual fund. By investing in both equity and debt instruments, its twin objectives are growth and income.