Instant CUP Payment via API

Make instant domestic payments anytime, anywhere

Instant CUP Payment via API

Make instant domestic payments anytime, anywhere

At a Glance
Powered by DBS RAPID, this service enables you to make real-time 24/7 domestic payments to designated CUP credit or debit card accounts.


  • Credit payments to CUP credit or debit card accounts instantly
  • Receive transaction status within seconds


  • Make payments with just the beneficiary’s name and credit/debit card number
  • No requirement for beneficiary’s bank name and branch information


  • Integrate your ERP system with the bank via DBS RAPID for seamless payments processing and reconciliation
  • Make real-time payments 24/7, including public holidays
  • Companies that need to make immediate B2C payments in China
  • Industries such as eCommerce, logistics, private procurement processing enterprise and more
How to Apply

Call us on 400 821 8881 or visit any of our Branches for more details. You may also email us and arrange our Relationship Manager to call you.

What channels do CUP payment service currently support?

Our CUP payment service currently supports integration of your ERP/internal system with the bank via DBS RAPID, to enable connectivity and submission of orders to DBS seamlessly.

How can I register for CUP payment service?

Please contact your Relationship/Sales Manager to apply for the service and a designated Implementation Manager will contact you to facilitate the integration process. Once your ERP/internal system is connected to the bank via DBS RAPID, you will be able to execute CUP payment orders from your ERP/internal system and enjoy the service.

What types of CUP cards do the service support to initiate payment?

The service supports all domestic CUP credit and debit cards, which are issued by more than 1400 banks with CUP domestic membership, close to 100% domestic CUP card coverage.

How can I be updated on the transaction status? How will unsuccessful transactions be refunded into my company’s account? And how can I conduct account reconciliation?

The status of every transaction will be notified through your ERP/internal system via DBS RAPID in real-time. Unsuccessful transactions will be credited back into your company’s account automatically, with the transaction details and reason(s) for return reflected on the transaction advice. You can also download detailed daily transaction reports for account reconciliation at the end of each day.