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Treasures Customer Referral Reward Program

Our services are as good as your commitment and recognition of us. In appreciation of our customers, DBS China has launched the Customer Referral Reward Program. Share your experiences with your friends and family; and refer them to DBS Treasures as well.


You will receive 100 points for every referrals which resulted in a successfully opened DBS Treasures account. Simply accumulate your points throughout the year and redeem amongst our wide choices of gifts! Look out for our festive seasons, where you may also get additional bonus points!

Referral process in three easy steps:

  1. Complete the referral form online
  2. Let your family and friend know that a DBS RM will be contacting him/her and ensure that the referee has provided the necessary authorisation and provided accurate and up to date contact information
  3. Our dedicated RM will directly contact the referee at their convenience
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Our wide range of gift choices is as follow:

Terms & Conditions

  1. During the program period, the referrer will earn 100 reward points upon a successful referral of qualified DBS Treasures customer.
  2. During the program period, the referrer will earn additional 100 reward points when three or more new qualified DBS Treasures customers are referred by the same referrer.
  3. “Qualified DBS Treasures Customer" in this program shall meet both of the requirements as below:
  4. (1) During the program period, the referee opens account with DBS China and becomes qualified DBS Treasures customer within 6 months since the day the referrer submits the referral.

    (2) “Qualified DBS Treasures Customer" means the continuously 3 months daily average aggregated amount of the deposits and investment products under all the accounts that the customer holds with the bank should not be less than RMB400,000 or its equivalent in foreign currency

  5. Program Period: 1st Jan 2016 to 31st Dec 2016
  6. Criteria of the program
  7. Criteria of the referrer:

    • The referrers must be existing consumer banking customers of DBS China;

    • If the referrer never holds any account in DBS China, the program will not eligible for the referrer automatically;

    • The referrer shall ensure that:

    (1)He or she has obtained the necessary authorization from the referee to provide the information to the bank.

    (2)The referee has agreed that the bank can directly contact him or her basing on the information from the referrer.

    (3)The referee knows and understands the program (including its Terms and Conditions) and is willing to anticipate in the program.

    Criteria of the referee:

    • The referee doesn’t have any consumer banking account of DBS China before the referral from the referrer;

    • The account opening date of the referee shall be no earlier than that of the referrer;

    • The referee shall not be DBS staff;

    • If the referee has been referred by different referrers, the relevant gift shall be offered to the referrer who submits the referral first. The bank reserves the right to identify the sequence of the referrals.

  8. Referral channel:
  9. • Fill a referral form;

    • Call to a DBS relationship manager with the phone number kept in DBS;

    • Text to a DBS relationship manager with the phone number kept in DBS;

    • Email to a DBS relationship manager with the email box that kept in DBS;

    • Refer via online form;

    • Refer via Wechat;

  10. To check the reward points or redeem the gifts, the referrer shall contact with his or her relationship manager of the bank.
  11. The accumulated points in 2016 should be redeemed before Mar 31st, 2017. Otherwise the points will be invalid.
  12. The pictures of the gifts are for reference only. The gifts cannot be replaced with other products or exchanged for cash. After the bank confirms, the gift application can’t be changed again.
  13. The Bank is not a producer or supplier of the gift items and does not accept any responsibility for any liability arising in conjunction with the use of the products or services supplied. The Bank makes no representation or warranty with respect to the performance and quality of the gifts or services provided. The Bank shall not be responsible for any loss or damage caused to the client by any defect of the gift or any such service provider's negligence or failure to deliver the goods or services. The Bank will not be responsible for any return or replacement for any product. A return or replacement of any product should be arranged with the supplier only if the product is defective or is damaged during delivery. Gift usage rules or policy, please refer to the gift producer or supplier for help.
  14. The gifts are provided by third parties. All gifts are on a first come first served basis. The bank reserves the right to offer an alternative gift when the specified gift is not available. If there is any problem with the gift, please contact your RM within 5 working days since you receive the gift.
  15. The bank reserves the right to amend the program offers and the terms and conditions herein without prior notice.
  16. Referrer should redeem and collect the gift within 3 months since receiving the notice from the Relationship Manager. Otherwise, the reward qualification will be canceled.
  17. The bank will conduct the final check whether the referee is a new qualified Treasures on the last working day of every month. If the referee is unable to satisfy the qualified Treasures standard on the checking date, the referral will not be recognized as a successful referral.
  18. Anyone who participates in this program shall ensure that the personal information provided to, and maintained with the bank, is true and accurate. In the event of any changes in personal information, he/she should inform the bank of such change as soon as possible. The bank shall assume no liabilities in the event that the bank is unable to notify the customer of the gift by the prescribed gift redemption deadline due to the inaccuracy of the personal information provided by the customer, and as a result of which the customer fails to acquire or redeem the gift.
  19. In case of any discrepancies between the terms and conditions and other promotional materials related to this program, these terms and conditions shall apply and prevail.
  20. The English version of the program terms are for reference only. If there is any inconsistency between the Chinese and English versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.