DBS Kids Privilege

Enjoy an additional 5% off all My Gym courses.

Promotion period:

  • 20th May 2016 – 19th May 2017

Promotion offer:

  • Enjoy 5% off My Gym courses, specially created for DBS Bank customers.
  • Payment of the courses need to be paid via DBS Debit Card.

If you would like to enjoy the privileges of DBS Treasures, please leave your contact details* here and we will get in touch with you soon.

Contact Me
BeijingMy Gym The Place Center of BeijingRoomL315,on the third floor of The Place North Street,Guanghua Rd No.9, Chaoyang district, Beijing010-65872868
BeijingMy Gym Beijing Wangjing Centerthe 2nd floor, Fangheng Shopping Mall No.4 Building, No.6 of Futong Eastern street, Chaoyang District, Beijing010-84783920
BeijingMy Gym Beijing Jinyuan Center4035-4037 on the fourth floor of Jinyuan New Yansha Mall,Yuanda Rd No.1, Haidian District, Beijing010-88870065
BeijingMy Gym Beijing Longde Centerthe 2nd floor of Longde Plaza, No.186 Litang Rd, Changping district, Beijing010-84845151
BeijingMy Gym Beijing Langang CenterVDM19,the M floor of The Blue Harbor Children's city, Chaoyang Park Rd, Chaoyang district, Beijing010-59051968
BeijingMy Gym Beijing Yuquan Rd Beijing squareCenter3rd floor,Beijing Square A building,Tiancun Rd No.43,Haidian district, Beijing010-88197508
BeijingMy Gym Wu Caicheng CenterL373, the 3rd floor, phase Ⅱof Hua Run Colorful Shopping Mall ,Qinghe street No.68, Haidian district,Beijing010-82156300
BeijingMy Gym Beijing Fangzhuang CenterNo1-12, Building 3, the fourth zone of Zi Fangyuan, the ground floor shops of Puti, Fangzhuang northern bridge, Beijing010-87161252
BeijingMy Gym Beijing Hui Longguan CenterHui Longguan west street No.111,changping district, Beijing010-80745355
BeijingMy Gym Beijing Changping Jinyu CenterL3016, the 3rd floor, Jinyu Vanke Plaza ,Changping district ,Beijing010-60749460
BeijingMy Gym Beijing Yizhuang CenterF3-11,the 3rd floor, No.8 Ronghua Rd, Yizhuang economic and Technical Development Zone010-53231929
BeijingMy Gym Beijing Daxing Yijia Centerfirst floor, Huiju shopping mall, Xi Hongmen Yijia phase ⅡDaxing District,Beijing010-50954877
BeijingMy Gym Beijing Changying CenterLong Ying street,Chaoyang Northern Rd,Chaoyang district, Beijing010-65433654
BeijingMy Gym Beijing Tongzhou Rose Centerthe 2nd floor, Huaye Rose commerical center, Lin Heli No.33, Liyuan southern street ,Tongzhou district, Beijing010-81599720
GuangdongMy Gym Shenzhen Coastal City CenterNo. 238-241 on the 2nd floor of Coastal store, coastal city ,Nanshan district,Shenzhen Guangdong province0755-86617008
GuangdongMy Gym Shenzhen Nine Party CenterNo.L223 on the second floor of Nine Party Shopping Mall, No.2020 Renmin Rd,,Longhua new District,Shenzhen Guangzhou province0755-86110008
GuangdongMy Gym Shenzhen Fukuda CenterNo.2888 on the 2nd floor of Junshang department store, No.269,Fuhua 3rd Rd,Futian district,Shenzhen city0755-86158008
GuangdongMy Gym Guangzhou Tianhe park Centerthe 2nd floor, No.209 Zhongshan Avenue, Tianhe district,Guangzhou Guangdong province020-38097008
GuangdongMy Gym Guangzhou Baiyun Junhua Center3rd floor of North Junhua Xiangbo square, Guangzhou Avenue,Baiyun district,Guangzhou Guangdong province020-36085900
GuangdongMy Gym Fanyu Wanli Centerthe 2nd floor of Wanyu commerical park A Building,No.346 Fan yu Avenue,.Fanyu district,Guangzhou Guangdong district020-66318638
GuangdongMy Gym Guangzhou Lefeng CenterNo.S40 on the 2nd floor of Lefeng Plaza,No.106-108 industrial Avenue,Zhuhai district,Guangzhou Guangdong province020-66318886
GuangdongMy Gym Guangzhou Binjiang Centerthe 2nd floor of Hengxin Donghe Gulf ,No.696 Binjiang east Rd,Zhuhai district,Guangzhou Guangdong province020-34076618
GuangdongMy Gym Guangzhou Kaide Centerthe 3rd floor of Yunshang,Kaide Plaza located in the east of the city , Baiyun district,Guangzhou Guangdong province020-36688028
GuangdongMy Gym Dongguan Dongcheng Centerthe 3rd floor of Yunshang,Kaide Plaza located in the east of the city , Baiyun district,Guangzhou Guangdong province0769-23320029
GuangxiMy Gym Nanning Hangyang CenterNo.050 on the 3rd floor, Hangyang city shopping center,No.131 Nanning Minzu Rd,Guangxi province0771-5387139
JiangsuMy Gym Suzhou Yuanqu Centerthe 5th floor, teenager activity center,Suzhou Yuanqu, Jiangsu province0512-82280855
JiangsuMy Gym Tech City CenterRoom 202,Zhiyuan international business building, tech city,Gaoxin district,Suzhou,Jiangsu province0512-66891135
JiangsuMy Gym Wuzhong Yongwang Centerthe 3rd floor, Yongwang Mengle city,No.188 Yuexi Suzhen Tao Rd, Wuzhong district, Suzhou,Jiangsu province0512-66589896
JiangsuMy Gym Yuanqu Yongwang Center3F,Yongwang Mengle city, the cross road of Modern Avenue and Zhongnan street,Yuanqu,Suzhou,Jiangsu province0512-65020005
ShanghaiMy Gym Shanghai Jinqiao CenterF Building 7 Jinqiao International Commerical Plaza, No.3611, Zhangyang Rd, Pudong new district, Shanghai021-20233678
ShanghaiMy Gym Shanghai Xiabei Center2F No. 39 Chuangyi Square, No.108 Ping Xingguan Rd, Xiabei district, Shanghai021-36530958
ShanghaiMy Gym Shanghai Yangpu CenterLocated in B1, No.5, 308 Songhu Road, YangPu District, Shanghai021-61435800
ShanghaiMy Gym Shanghai Putuo Zhenru Center3F Gaoshang , No.1500 Caoyang Rd, Putuo qu, Shanghai021-62118151
ShanghaiMy Gym Shanghai Ri Yueguang CenterF3643-F3650 Ri Yueguang center square, No.618 Xu Jiahui Rd, new Huangpu district, Shanghai021-64730606
ShanghaiMy Gym Shanghai Minhang Shunheng Center2F Shunheng International commerical square, No.289 Xinghu Rd, Minhang district, Shanghai021-54379929
ShanghaiMy Gym Shanghai Baoshan CenterBaoshan sports center, No.700 Yongqing Rd, Baoshan district, Shanghai021-66878706
ShanghaiMy Gym Shanghai Pudong Julong Center3F Julong Plaza, No.578 Chengshan Rd, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai021-68370588
ShanghaiMy Gym Shanghai Zhonghuan Jintie CenterS3F-01 Jintie City square, No.788, Zhenbei Rd, Putuo district, Shanghai021-60471213
ShanghaiMy Gym Shanghai Zhangjiang Center3F Q3-3, Huizhi international commerical building, No.3057 Jinke Rd, Shanghai Pudong021-50840079
TianjinMy Gym Tianjin Aocheng CenterA3-3, Aocheng commerical square, Binshui west Rd, Nankai district, Tianjin022-58112888
TianjinMy Gym Tianjin Joy City Center2F-B7 Joy city shopping mall south area, Nanmen wai street, Nankai district, Tianjin022-87286168
TianjinMy Gym Tianjin Taida Yishidan Center2F Binhai Yi Shidan, No.62, the 2nd street, economic and techonical development , Tianjin022-66389055
TianjinMy Gym Tianjin Galaxy Center2C-01,2nd Floor,Happy City,Sunshine Plaza,Paradise Road,Hexi District,Tianjin022-83885678
ZhejiangMy Gym Hangzhou West Silver City Center4F , B building , west of Chengxi Yintai, No.388 Fengtan Rd, Hangzhou, Zhejiang province0571-28888787
ZhejiangMy Gym Hangzhou Fuxing CenterNo.37, Fuxing Rd, Shangcheng district, Hangzhou, Zhejiang province0571-88216661
ZhejiangMy Gym Hangzhou North Silver City CenterL310, Zhongda Yintai, No.822 Dongxin Rd, Xiacheng district, Hangzhou, Zhejiang province0571-89773666
ZhejiangMy Gym Hangzhou Xiaoshan Yinlong CenterA304 Yinlong store, No.288 , Shixin Rd, Xiaoshan district, Hangzhou, Zhejiang province0571-82635151
ChongqingMy Gym Chongqing IMIX Park Center5th floor IMIX Park,Guanyinqiao,Chongqing city,China023-67786469
ChongqingMy Gym Chongqing AO Business International Center3rd Floor of the 6 Building,AO Business International,Jin Tonglu (Qi Xialu),Northern New District,Chongqing023-63067015

*Non-Singapore registered number
Participants have agreed to provide personal information, accept and allow the bank staff to contact them by telephone or text messages or e-mails about the bank's products and services.

Terms and Conditions

  1. This program is available from May 20th, 2016 to May 19th, 2017 (both inclusive).
  2. This program is only available to Treasures customers of DBS Bank (China) Co., Ltd (the “Bank”) who hold DBS Treasury debit cards.
  3. Each card transaction with My Gym is presented with an additional 5% off the course price:
    For example, the purchase of 96 courses will entitle you to 5 additional free courses.
  4. Additional discount: for gift class and My Gym Month activities, the total amount of preferential treatment should not exceed 12%.(Please see the latest promotion terms and conditions of My Gym)
  5. Cardholders need to use their DBS Treasury debit card to enjoy the discount.
  6. The above privilege shall not be exchanged for cash or other goods.
  7. The bank is not the provider of the above preferential education product or service. If any customer has any inquiries or complaints about the quality of the above product or service, please contact Gym directly. The Bank will not take any responsibility.
  8. The participants of this event shall ensure that their retention in the bank's personal information is true and accurate. If there is any change of personal information, the customer shall promptly notify the bank to change. If the personal information provided by the customer within the prescribed time limit for this activity is not accurate or has changed, which resulted in a delay for the promotion, DBS Bank does not assume any responsibility.
  9. To the extent permitted by relevant laws and regulations, the Bank reserves the final right of interpretation of this program, and the Bank also reserves the right to revise the program or to early terminate this program without prior notice.
  10. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the People’s Republic of China.
  11. In the event of any conflict between these Terms and Conditions and other promotional materials relating to this program, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail.
  12. The English version (if any) of these Terms and Conditions is for reference only. In case of any inconsistency between the Chinese version and the English version hereof, the Chinese version shall prevail.

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