Debit Card FAQ

  • How to Apply?

    You can visit any of DBS Bank branch for application ,or call DBS Bank 24-hour Customer Service Hotline( 4008 2089 88) for details.

  • Can the DBS debit card be used to withdraw cash from other banks’ ATMs? If so, are there any handling fees?

    Our bank is currently running a “THREE-for-ONE” debit card promotion, where regular DBS card holders can make cash withdrawals without incurring any handling fees from any ATM with the UnionPay logo within Mainland China, and from any DBS ATM with the UnionPay logo in China, Hong Kong and Singapore; the DBS Treasures Card can be used to make cash withdrawals from any ATM with the UnionPay logo in the world without any handling fees.
    Any DBS card can be used to make cash withdrawals from any overseas ATM with the UnionPay logo for a handling fee of 1% of the withdrawal amount per transaction (minimum charge of RMB 15.00; maximum charge of RMB 50.00).

    Remarks: Service Charge may be incurred when withdrawing cash at overseas CUP-enabled ATMs with “UnionPay” label in some countries or regions. Such fee is charged by local ATM acceptance institutions and not related to CUP or card issuing banks. Please pay attention to the charge reminder on the local ATM screen.

  • How do I report a lost DBS debit card?

    If your card is lost or stolen, please call our 24-hour customer service hotline (4008 2089 88) to immediately report on the loss of the card over the telephone. After that is done, please make your way to a DBS personal banking counter with your valid identification document(s) at your earliest convenience as part of official banking procedures to apply for the lifting of lost card status, card replacement or card cancellation.