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Currency Pair

RMB-Foreign Currency combination term deposit product for our individual customers to provide one-stop solution for RMB and foreign currencies.

currency pair

Do you wish for more favorable foreign currency time deposit rates compared to what is offered in the market currently? Are you holding both RMB and foreign currencies but struggling to find a safe and secured investment option?

Introducing DBS China's innovative RMB-foreign currency combination time deposit product:

"Currency Pair" – your one-stop time deposit solution for RMB and foreign currencies.

This product is designed for:

DBS China personal banking customers

Product summary:

  • A time deposit product combining RMB and foreign currencies. Available combinations include:

    RMB + USD

    RMB + AUD

  • Deposit Rate:




    RMB6 months1.60%
    RMB12 months1.80%
  • Deposit term is the same for RMB and foreign currencies. Deposit term is 6 months or 12 months.

  • The "Currency Pair" product is a combination of RMB time deposit and FCY time deposit the value date of the RMB time deposit and the FCY time deposit must be same. Deposit amount must be same (min. amount is 50,000RMB/USD/AUD) and the increasing amount(the increasing amount cannot be lower than RMB/AUD/USD 1,000) in the Product must be same and the deposit principal amount and the tenor shall comply with the requirement of the Bank. The Principle and interest rates of RMB and FCY will be auto transferred to the respective saving account when it matures representatively.


  1. The above interest rates are for reference only. DBS reserves the right to alter from time to time the RMB and/or foreign currency deposit rates applicable to this product when it deems necessary. Actual rates are subject to the latest rates posted at DBS China’s outlets at the time of placement of the respective time deposits.

  2. The above information serves as a brief introduction of the product. For threshold amount and detailed terms and conditions, please refer to the "Currency Pair" placement/withdrawal application form.

  3. In case of any discrepancies between the Chinese and English version hereof, the Chinese version shall prevail. Please find Terms& Conditions of Currency Pair for more details.

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