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  • 结构性投资产品是一种与不同的衍生工具相结合的投资产品。它根据不同的市场情况,与不同的金融工具挂钩。一般情况下,结构性投资产品的回报率取决于某一基本金融工具的表现,并随着其市场走势而产生波动。


  • 一般情况下,结构性投资产品通过挂钩某一基本金融工具(例如股票、外汇、利率等)的表现来获取利益。
  • 凭借对某一金融市场的独到远见,您可能从结构性投资产品中获取比一般定期存款更好的回报。有关回报通常是与参考金融工具或资产的走势挂钩。投资结构性产品,您可尽享免收费用及产品管理费之优惠。


  • 预期回报较一般定期存款优厚根据所挂钩的金融工具的表现而决定,预期投资回报可能高于一般定期存款
  • 多元化选择您可按个人的理财目标、投资经验和知识,以及承受风险的能力,选择合适的结构性投资产品
  • 较低的投资门槛结构性投资产品最低投资额低至人民币5万或等值人民币5万的外币。
  • 资金流动性高投资期由三个月至五年不等,令资金更灵活运用
  • 投资专家掌握投资先机众多星展银行投资专家24小时紧贴市场动向,为客户精心挑选及设计投资产品,以把握最佳投资良机
  • 毋须缴付任何手续费


资本 本金保障 本金保障 限制型或无本金保障
回报 利息保障 非收益保障 非收益保障


  1. 本文对任何交易均不构成任何推荐。除非另行以书面同意,否则银行就本文所建议交易或任何其他交易而言并不是阁下的财务顾问或受托人,对这份文件及内容的用途及所引致的任何后果亦不负任何责任。
  2. 在同意进行交易前,阁下应确认已经明白交易,并已经按其目标及情况自行独立评估交易的适当性。阁下应考虑作出认为需要或适当的独立研究。银行对任何本文件所载任何投资的结果并不作任何陈述或保证。
  3. 风险披露:
  4. 本理财计划有投资风险,你只能获得合同明确承诺的收益,你应充分认识投资风险,谨慎投资。此款产品为我行自有产品。

Structured Products(DBS designed products)

Structured Investment Products


  • Investing your hard-earned money is an important step to achieving your financial goals.

Structured Investment Products (SIPs)

  • Structured Investment Products is a form of investment product. A SIP is typical linked to financial instruments which include equities, interest rates, market indices, fixed income instruments, foreign exchange or a combination of these.
  • The return on a Structured Investment Product is usually dependent on the performance of the underlying financial instruments and may fluctuate with market trends.

Enhanced Returns from Structured Investment Products:

  • Structured Investment Products enable you to participate in the performance of an underlying financial instrument (e.g. stock, foreign exchange, interest rate, etc.)
  • Customers may receive higher returns compared to normal time deposit as Structured Investment Products take advantage of a particular view of the financial market. The returns are usually linked to reference instruments or assets. There is no sale charges or management fees for Structured Investment Products, you can enjoy free of charges and management free.

Advantage of DBS SIPs

  • Potential higher returns Investment returns may be higher than regular deposits, depending on the performance of the underlying financial instruments.
  • Wide range of choices You will be able to select a suitable SIP, based on your wealth management goal, investment experience and knowledge, as well as your risk tolerance.
  • Low entry level Minimum investment requirement can be as low as RMB50,000 or equivalent foreign currencies.
  • High liquidity Tenors range from 3 months to 5 years, giving you flexibility in your liquidity and financial management.
  • DBS experts stay on the forefront of the market Market experts at DBS monitor the market 24 hours a day, and are dedicated to the careful selection and design of investment products specially matched to your financial needs.

Returns vs. Risks Illustration:

 Time DepositStructured Invest ProductSecurities
Principal Protected Protected Limited to No Protection
Returns Fixed interest rate Not guaranteed Not guaranteed
General Investment Risk Assumed and Corresponding Expected Returns

  1. This does not constitute an offer, an invitation or a recommendation to enter into any transaction. DBS Bank Ltd ("DBS") is acting as principal and not as the reader's adviser or in a fiduciary capacity in respect of this proposed transaction or any other transaction unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing, and accepts no liability whatsoever with respect to the use of its contents.
  2. Before entering into any transaction or making a commitment to purchase any product mentioned, the reader should take steps to ensure that the reader understands the transaction and has made an independent assessment of the appropriateness of the transaction in the light of the reader's own objectives and circumstances. In particular, the reader may wish to seek advice from a financial adviser or make such independent investigations as the reader considers necessary or appropriate for such purposes. If the reader chooses not to do so, the reader should consider carefully whether any product mentioned here is suitable for him.
  3. Risk Disclosure:
    The above information is for reference only and does not constitute any offer or solicitation to subscribe. Investment involves risk. Past performances are not indicative of future performance. Investors should refer to the offering documents of relevant investment products for detailed information prior to any investment. Customers who have concerns about the offering documents should consult their professional advisers. The price and return of the products will fluctuate depending on market situation.
  4. This financial plan carries investment risks. You are only guaranteed the returns as stated in the contract. You need to have sufficient knowledge of investment risk and invest discretion before using this product.This is a bank self-developed product.