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China / Currencies

The Rise and Rise (and Rise) of the Yuan...

February 24, 2017

The Chinese yuan will continue its 20-year march north, beneath all the huckus-ruckus of bilateral currency moves that few can explain and fewer can predict.

Key summary points
  • Too many Americans have a myopic view of the yuan
  • They measure its value against the US dollar alone; This is a mistake
  • The yuan has appreciated by 41% in trade-weighted terms since 2005
  • The appreciation of the yuan owes mainly to faster GDP and income growth than in the West
  • The yuan will continue to trend north accordingly

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DBS Asian Insights

Capturing Growth Opportunities in Asia

June 06, 2014


China / Real Estate

Impact of Higher Mortgage Rates

February 22, 2017

A weekly snapshot of the Chinese property market – from sales volume to inventory levels – in the Tier-I to -III cities; as well as an overview of the share performance of sector players.

Global / Oil and Gas

Saudi Arabia: No Need to Extend OPEC Deal

February 20, 2017

Our weekly analysis of key developments from the oil and gas sector to aid readers in extracting value from the news flow.

Equity Strategies

Global / Equities

Weekly Global ETF Commentary...

February 20, 2017

Our weekly analysis of exchange-traded funds and flows around the globe to aid investors in making informed decisions. Follow us as we follow the money.

Key summary points
  • Last week, global stock funds logged the biggest inflows since December
  • Emerging market equity funds attracted the biggest inflows in six months
  • Smaller domestic companies-focused funds were in demand

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